At Leo Insurance Group, we know how much many Las Vegas, NV, riders love their motorcycles. We want to help motorcyclists improve their riding experience by offering peace of mind, protection in the worst-case scenario, and affordable options that align with Nevada law.

Why Motorcycle Insurance is Important

While insurance is a good idea for a lot of reasons, all registered vehicles in Nevada, including motorcycles, are required by law to have insurance. It would be best to have this insurance before you could ride on any public street. You must have liability insurance with a minimum of $25,000 for bodily injury or death of one person, $50,000 for bodily injury or death of two people, and $20,000 for injury or destruction of property. However, 如果你有更大的责任问题,或者想要在国家规定的范围之外增加保护,你可能需要更高的保险范围.

What Motorcycle Insurance Covers?

The most obvious coverage element is liability because Nevada requires liability coverage, but liability is not the only type of coverage that may be included in a motorcycle policy. Some areas that a policy can cover:

  • 对其他司机或其财产的责任保险
  • Medical payment coverage for your medical expenses
  • Comprehensive coverage to protect from non-collision incidents like natural disasters
  • Personal injury protection for lost expenses, financial damage, and medical bills
  • 未投保或未投保与未投保或未投保的人发生事故有关的保险

Ride Freely with Motorcycle Insurance

If you want to ride freely with confidence and protection, 澳博app下载希望在澳博app下载为乘客提供服务, NV, area the chance to get the level of coverage they need. If you are looking for a motorcycle insurance policy you can trust, you can request a quote. 我们的专业澳博app代理人将随时准备回答您可能遇到的任何问题或疑虑,以便我们可以帮助您为您的摩托车和您的未来做出正确的选择. You’ll be riding with added ease in no time.

Should You Get Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is often called catastrophic coverage because it covers high-cost events. 您是否需要一份总括性的保险,或者您目前的保险范围已经足够了? 在内华达州澳博app下载的澳博app下载,我们提供伞式保险政策. 让我们来看看哪些迹象表明你应该投保. 

What is Umbrella Insurance? 

伞式保险通常有100万美元到1000万美元的保险限额. If you are liable for a catastrophic event, like a 10-car pileup, this policy will cover what your standard policy doesn’t. 

You Have Standard Insurance Policies

为了符合伞式保险的资格,你必须有标准的保单. You can be eligible for umbrella insurance if you have a homeowner’s and auto policy. However, first, you’ll need the maximum coverage limits for your standard policies. 

Your Net Worth Exceeds Your Coverage 

伞式保险的目的是保护您免受超出当前保险限额的责任. 如果你有100万美元的资产,但只有500美元,你应该考虑购买保护伞保单,000 in auto insurance liability. 

If you have the means to pay the costs, 你更有可能被起诉,并有一个对你不利的大判决. 

You Are Concerned About Your Financial Future

如果你的净资产没有超过你目前的政策限制怎么办? You may still need umbrella insurance. 如果判决对你不利,也可以包括未来的收入. 这意味着您可能在事件发生很久之后才支付费用. 

You Want Peace of Mind  

雨伞保险通常会在你的主要保险政策终止的地方开始,并涵盖差额. 但是,它也包括标准保单中没有包括的内容. This can give you peace of mind. 

Umbrella Coverage at Leo Insurance Group

If you need umbrella coverage in Las Vegas, NV, contact us at Leo Insurance Group. Our friendly agents are here to discuss your insurance needs and help you select the best policy. 

Condo Insurance – Optional Coverage Types

了解一些可选的保险类型,将保护您的公寓和您存储在里面的财产. 额外的保险种类将保护你的财产免遭盗窃, natural disasters, and vandalism.

Replacement Cost Coverage

一份标准的保险会保护你的财产,并考虑到它们的折旧. Replacement cost coverage provides additional coverage that a standard policy does not. It will pay for the full cost of replacing any stolen or severely damaged belongings.

Vacant or Unoccupied Coverage

如果你不打算长期住在公寓里, 您可以通过在您的保单中添加空置或未占用的保险范围而获益. 这种类型的保险将保护你的公寓,当你不在场.

如果有人闯入,你的保险将支付维修费用. 如果你的公寓在自然天气事件中损坏,保险将支付装修费用.

Water Damage Coverage

如果你的公寓的管道系统出现故障,水损害保险将保护你的公寓. The coverage will include replacement materials, labor, 还有其他一些必需品,可以把公寓恢复到原来的状态.

Inspection and Assessment

Conduct an inspection and assessment first. An inspection of your condo will help you determine the level of coverage you need, 对你如何使用你的生活空间的评估也将帮助你确定你需要的公寓保险类型.

Agent Consultation

查看我们在澳博app下载提供的可选保险类型. Then, contact one of our agents who serve Las Vegas, NV. 保险代理人会将可选的保险类型添加到您当前的公寓保险政策中.

What Updates to Make to Your Insurance Before You Renew

When you renew your home insurance policy, you may think you can send in a payment or continue the same policy and plan without updates. 情况就是这样,但这并不意味着你应该这样做. 更新保单有很多好处,可以确保它更好地反映你的个人需求. 

At Leo Insurance Group, we work with clients throughout Las Vegas, NV, and the surrounding areas to ensure their home insurance meets their specific needs. Before you renew, there are a few things to keep in mind.

What to Update on Your Home Insurance This Year

Before you renew your home insurance policy, take a closer look at these recommendations:

  • Do you have enough content coverage? 如果你在去年买了什么有价值的东西, it may be valuable to upgrade your content coverage. 这将确保你有足够的,如果有一个事件,如火灾. 
  • Is your policy reflective of today’s home costs and value? 今天重建房屋的成本可能比你最初建立澳博app下载政策时要高. Make sure to update your coverage.
  • Did your home living arrangement change? If you added a pet, swimming pool, or other risks to your home, be sure to let your insurance agent know that. 

当它符合你的特殊需求时,家庭保险是非常有价值的. Make sure you read through your coverage to ensure that is the case before you renew.

Let Our Independent Insurance Agent Help You

当你联系澳博app下载关于你在澳博app下载的家庭保险, NV, 您将获得最新的信息和价格,以满足您当前的需求.

Is Your Car A “Classic”?

Many of us have a special affinity with our cars. 汽车通常被称为女性,有些人甚至为他们的车辆命名. We often customize our cars and make them our own. We may even loosely refer to them as “classic.”

At Leo Insurance Group in Las Vegas, we can insure all kinds of vehicles, including classic cars. But what makes your car a “classic”?

Is Your Car A "Classic"?

Generally speaking, a classic car is one that was manufactured at least 25 years ago.

这可能与它的价值或条件无关,而仅仅与它的年龄有关. There can, however, be a wide difference in the value of what is considered a classic car. 影响一辆老爷车价值的因素不仅包括它的状况,还包括它的品牌和年份, engine size, popularity, and rarity. Cars manufactured in small numbers, for example, 往往比大批量生产的产品更有价值. 

If, for example, 你有一辆用了30年的车,行驶里程很低,几乎在展厅里, it will be worth far more than the “book” value. Cars that have been meticulously restored will also have more value than an unrestored one.

This is why working with an insurance company that understands classic cars can be so critical. We can make sure you are protected for the full value of your vehicle and how it is used.

Schedule A Consultation Today

Not all 25-year-old cars are the same. We understand the differences. If you have invested in or have a classic car, contact us.

We are Leo Insurance Group, serving the greater Las Vegas, NV region, and insuring classic cars is just part of what we do. 与我们联系,讨论您的车辆以及适合您和您的汽车的保险范围. We look forward to assisting you.


In the world of recreational travel and fun, safeguarding you, your friends and family, 以及你在旅途中可能遇到的人是澳博app下载的首要任务. Whether you’re conquering rough terrain on an ATV or embarking on a cross-country RV adventure, having recreational liability coverage is not just a recommendation – it’s essential. In fact, 内华达州法律规定,任何在公共街道上行驶的机动车辆都必须携带最低责任保险证明. 

Protect Your People and Your Property

不可预测的事故不仅会造成人身伤害,还会造成重大财产损失. 涉及休闲车的事故是一个不幸的现实, but with proper coverage, you can breathe and enjoy your next adventure.

娱乐活动可能不只你一个人参与. That’s why we emphasize the importance of extending your protection beyond yourself. 澳博app下载的娱乐责任保险确保其他乘客和司机都包括在内, creating a shield against the unexpected.

Protect Your Next Adventure

As you explore recreational activities, we urge you to make liability coverage a priority. In Las Vegas, NV, where the allure of the outdoors can be irresistible, 娱乐责任保险成为不可或缺的资源. Our coverage is designed to offer peace of mind, 让你追求自己喜欢的活动,而不必担心计划外的开支.

无论你是在寻找新的保险还是重新检查你现有的政策, 不要低估娱乐责任保险的重要性. Here at Leo Insurance Group in Las Vegas, NV, 我们希望成为您了解保险细节的盟友,并帮助您找到适合您需求的保险范围. 澳博app,这样您就可以尽情享受您的激情,并知道您受到正确的娱乐保险计划的保护.

RV Insurance and Earthquakes: Are You Protected?

At Leo Insurance Group, our team of professionals can help Las Vegas, NV area RV owners get protection for their vehicles that minimizes serious damage problems. But what about wild situations like potential earthquakes? Are you protected? We are here to help you navigate.

Basic Policies Don’t Cover It 

A standard RV insurance policy does not cover earthquakes but only general types of basic damage. 如果你打算离开维加斯,去加州或断层线附近的任何地方露营,这是一个真正的问题. 此外,澳博app下载本身就有足够的地动山摇,使其变得非常不安全. 

Thankfully, 您可以添加额外的地震保护政策,作为当前政策的附加或背书. 这意味着这是一个额外的购买,将花费你更多的钱. However, if you plan on camping anywhere near an earthquake zone, you’re going to need this type of protection.

How It Helps 

在你的房车政策上的地震保险可以帮助你在严重和有问题的地震情况下保护你的车辆. For example, 它可以保护你免受地震中直接对你的房车造成的损害, such as shaking, causing structural problems with the vehicle.

However, 这种覆盖也保护了它免受地震引发的问题的影响, such as trees falling on your RV, power lines hitting it, and much more. With this protection, 如果地震袭击你,你的房车(你可能花了很多钱买的)是安全的. 

Get Support Today

我们在澳博app下载的团队可以帮助您在澳博app下载获得必要的地震保险, NV. 我们将尽我们所能确保您得到充分的保护,并为您提供所需的尊重和帮助,以确保您的车辆免受各种损害风险.

Motorcycle Insurance: Don’t Leave Home Without It

If you ride a motorcycle and live in the Las Vegas, NV area, then you undoubtedly appreciate the warmth, climate, beauty, and open roads Nevada offers. The bad news is that there are also millions of other drivers out there who also visit, live, and travel those same roads. 这也是为什么你不想离开家没有澳博app可靠和值得信赖的供应商,如澳博app下载.

根据NHTSA(美国国家公路交通安全管理局), there are approximately 80,000 motorcycle accident-related injuries every year. 这还不包括非伤害性摩托车事故的数量. 虽然我们都不想成为事故统计数据,但如果我们是的话,我们都会感激保险.

Motorcycle Protection for Las Vegas Bikers

Go ahead and get out there, open up the throttle, 感受风吹过你的脸,感受引擎强大的咆哮声. Just make sure that you are prepared, just in case. 如果你在澳博app下载市内或附近骑摩托车, NV area, let the friendly professionals at the Leo Insurance Group keep you and your bike protected.

从人身伤害到财产损失或医疗保险到碰撞保险, riders need the right insurance plans. For all your motorcycle insurance needs, talk to licensed, experienced, and professional agents before hitting the road.

The Las Vegas Motorcycle Insurance Experts

如果你在澳博app下载或附近寻找澳博app, NV or shopping insurance plans, we invite you to talk to our helpful and knowledgeable team at the Leo Insurance Group. 为您所有的保险问题和澳博app的需要, contact us and ride with the Leo Insurance Group today.


对于寻求更多财务保障的消费者来说,伞式保险是一种很好的金融产品. At Leo Insurance Group, we provide umbrella insurance to consumers in Las Vegas, NV.

There are numerous details that consumers need to look into when evaluating umbrella insurance.

The following are four details you need to look at on your umbrella insurance policy. 

The amount of coverage you’re getting

Umbrella insurance policies specify the maximum amount of coverage that they can offer. As a general rule, 消费者应该购买足够的保护伞式保险,以覆盖其全部净资产. 


伞形保险单通常规定投保人的主要保险单需要提供一定数量的保险. Make sure that your home, auto, 和其他保险符合您的伞式保险政策中指定的保险范围要求. 

The coverage offered for legal defense expenses

法律费用是伞式保险政策需要涵盖的最重要的费用之一. 这是因为如果你被起诉,你可能会面临很高的法律费用.


The process for filing a claim

一定要对索赔过程做一些研究,这样你就知道如果你需要使用伞式保险该怎么做. This will save time and minimize stress down the road. 

Schedule A Consultation Today

如果你对澳博app下载的伞式保险有疑问, NV, get in touch with us at Leo Insurance Group to find the answers you’re looking for. Get started on the path to a secure financial future by contacting us for a policy quote today!

Are You Required to Have Condo Insurance?

If you purchase a condo, 了解大楼提供哪些保险以及你需要提供哪些保险是很重要的. In most cases, a condo building requires you to have insurance coverage on the interior spaces of the condo. If you would like to learn more about condo insurance, please contact us at Leo Insurance Group. We provide Insurance products and services for the residents of the Las Vegas, NV area.

Condo Insurance Coverage 

And most instances, condo buildings require you to provide insurance coverage for your interior and contents, while the condo building provides exterior coverage. 如果你想了解更多关于公寓保险的信息, 我们的代理人可以帮助您确定哪些保单适合您的需求. Our goal is to provide each customer with the best policy options to meet or exceed their needs.

我们会仔细评估您的个人情况,以确定哪种类型的保险或保险级别足以满足公寓的规格并充分防止损失. If you would like to learn more about how we can assist you with policy selection, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can not only provide support with selecting a policy, 但我们也可以为您在保单或索赔期间的任何变更提供帮助.

Reach Out Today 

If you would like to get answers to questions or assistance with policy selection, please call or stop by the office of Leo Insurance Group, 它可能是为澳博app下载及其周边地区的居民服务的, NV area. 不要冒因公寓保险范围不足或缺失而造成损失的风险. We are here to work with you to help you get the insurance coverage that provides peace of mind.